Nolan River Estates

Our subdivision has many properties ranging from 1.5 to 10 acre lots that have single residence restrictions.  You may click here to get a description of our community and Association. 


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We have community clean up days, Octoberfest, Garage sales, HOA Meetings, Neighborhood Watch Program, Animal Safety Committee, Community Work Days, etc. 

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Our Story


I would like to welcome you to the Nolan River Estates Website! Here you will find useful information, legal documents, minutes, events, and much more relating to our community and HOA.  Questions? Email us:

We are a community of neighbors that are friendly and peaceful.  My family and I have lived here since 1998 and have enjoyed all of the HOA activities with other family and friends.  We are very concerned about protecting our property values as they are a huge investment.  Every property owner is mandated by the current CC&Rs and HOA Bylaws but they are both designed to protect our investments.  Many in our community have horses, pets, and a few cattle which makes the property that much more enjoyable. Owners also find our website full of useful information and will soon even allow payment of HOA dues.

If you are considering a place to live, I highly recommend Nolan River Estates.  Want to know more? Just complete a "Contact Us" form or contact any Board Officer.  Thanks in advance for checking out the place we all proudly call home!

     Jon Puryear, President NRE HOA