‚ÄčNolan River Estates

Our Story

The Nolan River Estates subdivision has an active home owners association named:  Community of Nolan River Estates.  The Association is dedicated to serving our community.  Our members enjoy all the perks of our association.  Our association has been widely-recognized as having deed restrictions that protect property values without being overbearing.  We are a non-profit incorporated organization and we welcome you with open arms.

Membership dues are currently $50 a year and are not mandatory; however, they are important for the good of the community.  Annual dues have been $50 a year, or less, since 1998.  All dues paid go back to the community; no Association officer or chairperson receives any compensation.  All property owners are automatically Association members; however, the right to vote on Association issues is reserved for active member (members who pay the annual dues).  Newcomer packets and packets for interested buyers are provided by the Corresponding Secretary.

We are always looking for community-based volunteers.  Volunteers aid the community in various ways like the annual garage sale fundraiser, annual community picnic, community clean-up days, mowing lot fronts, and a crime watch program just to name a few.

Nolan River Estates is situated in a rural environment, outside city limits, and as such is intended to accommodate the ownership of noncommercial privately owned livestock and pets.  The lots within NRE are mostly 1.5 acres, 5 acres and 10 acres, with a few lots larger than that.  Several of our residents have livestock including horses, miniature horses, ponies, cows, llamas, goats, donkeys, sheep and rabbits.  We also have domestic pets including dogs and cats.  Our community supports the SPCA recommendations for domestic animals.

To learn more about the Community of Nolan River Estates, you may contact any officer.  All of them are listed on the dropdowns: 'Contact us' - ' Board of Directors.'